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Account Management

Am I eligible for a free trial?


What is my username and how do I reset my password?


How do I update my email address, grade level, or school?


My school or district purchased a membership. How do I join my school/district’s membership?


Do students get their own accounts?


Can I assign Mysteries to individual students?


Do you store any student data?


What grades do you have available?


Are your lessons aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards?


Can you align Mystery Science to my state’s standards?


Why is video so prominent in your lessons?


Why do you pause so often for discussion?


Do you have a guided tour that I can watch?

Do you have a teacher guide, professional development, or training to help teachers understand how to use Mystery Science?


Do you have a presentation I can share with my school and colleagues?


How long is each lesson?


Can I pick and choose among Mysteries?


What new content will you be adding this year?


Where do I find the handouts and materials for the lessons?


How do I print the activity handouts?


Can I modify the assessments or worksheets?


Do you have a list of all supplies we need for the year?


Do you sell kits with supplies for each lesson?


Can I get a list of supplies for units before they’re released?


Do you have any materials in other languages (e.g. Spanish)?


Do your videos have closed captioning?

School or District Membership

Homeschool Membership

What does the homeschool free trial include? My free trial has expired. Can I still access Mystery Science? Do you ever have discounts on Homeschool Memberships? Do you offer group buy discounts? My child attends a homeschool charter school. Can I purchase Mystery Science through them?