We are expanding our engineering team, looking both for multiple full-stack engineers. We're also looking for a data analyst/engineer to focus on insights and building our analytics pipeline.

We are also looking to add someone who is a great writer and communication's generalist to take the lead on unifying our voice and external storytelling. This person will be involved in PR, marketing campaigns, and customer communication. We have yet to define this role in detail and begin recruiting for it.

We are also building out our leadership team. We'll soon be considering adding a VP of Operations/COO, a VP of Finance/CFO, and someone to head HR.

We just finished expanding our curriculum team, but we will likely add one more position this year. It will probably be a full-time visual researcher, but we're holding off on this until the fall.

We'll begin actively recruiting for all of these roles in late August but we are always open to connecting with candidates who are excited and think they may be a good fit for Mystery Science. Don’t hesitate to contact us or sign up to be notified when we post new jobs.