Open-and-go lessons that inspire kids to love science.

Science curriculum for K—5th grades.

90 sec
  • Hands-on lead students in the doing of science and engineering.
  • NGSS-aligned and Common Core make the transition to the Next Generation Science Standards and support Common Core.
  • Less prep, more learning prep in minutes not hours. Captivate your students with short videos and discussion questions.

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🚌 Back-to-School Mysteries 🚌

First, introduce science with the Mysteries above. Then, find your grade.

Force Olympics (Grades K)
Mystery 1: Pushes, Pulls, & “Work Words"

Exploration (15 min)
Activity: Be a Digging Machine (15 min)
Extras (1.5 hrs)

Lights & Sounds (Grades K-2)
Mystery 1: Sounds, Vibrations

Exploration (10 min)
Activity: Be a Sound Effects Artist (20 min)
Extras (1.5 hrs)

Work of Water (Grades 2-3)
Mystery 1: Mapping, Earth’s Surface, & Landforms

Exploration (20 min)
Activity: Paper Mountains (30 min)
Extras (5.3 hrs)

Invisible Forces (Grades 3-5)
Mystery 1: Forces

Exploration (20 min)
Activity: Hopper Popper (45 min)
Extras (1 hr)

Human Machine (Grades 3-5)
Halloween Activity Mystery 1: Muscles & Skeleton

Exploration (25 min)
Activity: Robot Finger (30 min)
Extras (3.5 hrs)

Web of Life (Grades 4-5)
Mystery 1: Food Chains, Predators, Herbivores & Carnivores

Exploration (20 min)
Activity: Eat or Be Eaten (30 min)
Extras (2.8 hrs)