Mystery Packs

What is included in Mystery Packs

Mystery Science has always been easy, requiring only common materials. Mystery Packs now make it even easier: send pre-gathered, organized supplies directly to each teacher!

  • A grade level pack contains supplies for 30 students, for a full year of Mystery Science.
  • Each unit is organized in its own box.
  • Each lesson or Mystery is packed in its own bag.
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Here's what teachers are saying about Mystery Science:

"Today teachers at my school received their Mystery Box of supplies to use with each lesson. Thank you to Mystery Science for bundling and packing the supplies in such an easy to use way. All the teachers in my wing loved it! Better than Christmas...well almost."

Mystery Packs at each grade include supplies for the NGSS units at that grade level. Learn more

Packs do not include perishable items, student handouts, or basic classroom supplies like pencils, crayons, and scissors.

How to order Mystery Packs

Step 1: Create a quote for your school or district.

Step 2: Reserve your packs (click "Reserve" on your quote).

Step 3: Submit a purchase order or pay by credit card.

No PO or credit card required to reserve packs.

2020-21 Mystery Pack Pricing

A limited number of packs are available for the 2020-21 school year. Several grade levels sold out in 2019-20, so act now!

Need help paying for Mystery Packs?

We can help! If your school or district would like help finding local donors to subsidize your packs, please send us an email with a link to your quote explaining your situation.

We have also partnered with Pledgecents where you can create a crowdfunding page! Share your page with your community and they can all chip in! Start fundraising for your 2020-21 Mystery Pack now! also has limited financial aid. Contact us if you’d like to apply.

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Mystery Packs FAQs

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