Mystery Packs

Mystery Packs Make Hands-on Science Easy

Gathering supplies for hands-on science takes time. This can prevent many teachers from teaching science. Mystery Packs can help!

  • Saves teachers time by organizing all the supplies they need.
  • Enough supplies for 30 students to do all NGSS aligned lessons at their grade level. Learn more
  • Supplies are bagged by lesson so that teachers can grab and go!
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Here's what teachers are saying about Mystery Science:

"Today teachers at my school received their Mystery Box of supplies to use with each lesson. Thank you to Mystery Science for bundling and packing the supplies in such an easy to use way. All the teachers in my wing loved it!"

How to order Mystery Packs

Step 1: Create a quote for your school or district.

Step 2: Reserve packs by 4/15 to let us know you plan to purchase. No payment is necessary to reserve!

Step 3: Submit a purchase order or pay by credit card.

Mystery Pack Pricing

Need help paying for Mystery Packs?

We have partnered with Pledgecents where you can create a crowdfunding page! Share your page with your community and they can all chip in! Our PledgeCents page will be updated soon for 2021-22.

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Mystery Packs FAQs

Do I need Mystery Packs in order to teach Mystery Science? What supplies are included in a Mystery Pack? My organization is tax-exempt. How do I remove the taxes from the quote? Are there any shipping restrictions? What is the timeline for shipping Mystery Packs? What is your refund policy?