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Resources for Teachers

Sharing with teachers? Here's what you need!

Download Staff Presentation

Use this presentation to introduce your peers to fun, profound science!

Download Flyer

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Kick the year off right!

Get a guided tour of Mystery Science so you know where to find everything, from assessments to supplies to student links.


Download Planning Guides

Mystery Science is designed for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). We cover key performance expectations for K-5 science: use this guide to plan a full year of fun, engaging, hands-on science!

Download NGSS Alignment Doc

Not in an NGSS state? No worries: we’ve created state-specific alignments, too! Download your state alignment for Mystery Science:

Grade-level Printout PDFs

To make it easier to prepare for a whole unit or year at a time, you can download a combined PDF file that contains a collated set of all student printouts and assessments for the NGSS units in each grade level.

Download Printouts

Resources for School Leaders

Prepare Supplies

Mystery Science is designed to be easy prep: lessons just need simple materials that are usually on hand in classrooms, or can easily be found at grocery or discount stores.

If you are prepping for a whole year, or for multiple classrooms, you can generate a master supplies list with the Mystery Supply Calculator.

Use our Supply Calculator

Order Supplies

We offer Mystery Supply Packs that include all of the supplies a teacher needs for their grade level.

Reserve supply kits for your teachers

Anchor Layer and Storylines

Are you coaching your teachers on advanced NGSS instruction? Mystery Science now offers Anchor Storylines and a free add-on module, the Anchor Layer, that adds anchoring phenomena and performance tasks. These are currently available for all 4th and 5th-grade units, and are being released for our 3rd-grade units during the 2019-20 school year.

Learn more about the Anchor Layer

Download Mystery Science Storylines

Learn how Mystery Science supports the 5E instructional model