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Enrich science units with:

Unit hook screens
A mysterious unit hook
The Anchor Phenomenon introduces students to a mysterious real-world occurrence. Students develop an explanation for it before any instruction takes place.
Unit hook screens
Lesson tie-ins to the mystery
Anchor Connections follow each unit lesson. Students apply what they learned in each lesson to revise their initial explanations of the anchor phenomenon.
Unit hook screens
A project-based activity
The Performance Task is a culminating activity to wrap up the whole unit. Kids apply everything they learned from the unit’s lessons in a new and fun project.
Laptop with Mystery Science preview

Unit mysteries for more excitement & inquiry

The Anchor Layer gets kids excited to make more real-world connections throughout a science unit.

Students can see their own ideas evolve

Take a look at how this 4th grade class uses the Anchor Layer to deepen their understanding.
Activity example

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To see an overview of each unit’s Anchor Layer, check out our Storylines Document.