School Membership

$1,499 annually for unlimited teachers & students at one school site. Multi-year discounts of 33% are available.

New schools: Huge discounts are available if you purchase before the end of the school year. Discounts will be announced in January!

Request a school quote.

District Membership

Purchase multiple schools with a single purchase order. Multi-year discounts of 33% are available.

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Classroom Membership

$299 annually for a single classroom of up to 35 students.

New teachers: Huge discounts are available if you purchase before the end of the school year. Discounts will be announced in January!

Homeschool Membership

$69 annually for one family household. This is for you to use with your own children. If you’re teaching a group of children who are not your own, you need a Classroom Membership.

How do I submit a purchase order?

Our PO system is easy, but a little different than you may be used to:

  • First you need a quote number. If you don’t have a quote, scroll up to Request a school quote or Request a district quote.
  • Once you have a quote, open the quote in your browser. If you have a printed quote, type the web address at the top of the page into your internet browser. If the quote was emailed to you, click the link in your email to open the quote.
  • While viewing your quote, there is a button at the top to Submit Purchase Order. Click this and follow the instructions.

I run a virtual school, which membership is correct?

We are happy to support virtual schools, homeschool co-ops, and everything in between. We recognize there is often a blurry line between the different modes of schooling so this is our policy for how we think about the proper membership.

A Classroom Membership is a single login and password and is intended for a single teacher (up to 35 students). Although most of our teachers are instructing students all at once in a classroom setting, this membership includes the ability for teachers to assign different Mysteries to different students. A teacher can generate a web URL for any particular Mystery and email it to a student or post the link in an online classroom system. These URLs last for about a week and then expire; they’re intended to be a one-off assignments.

So if your students are working with a teacher who is determining which students should be doing which Mysteries, then you could purchase a Classroom Membership for each teacher.

However, if you would like each student-parent to have their own login to the website and be able to pick-and-choose Mysteries at their leisure, then each household needs their own login. If you are a small virtual school (less than 30 households) then you can purchase a School Membership. We’ll view this as a single school “site” and we’ll consider each parent-household to be a classroom so they can get their own login.

If your virtual school is more than 30 teacher-households, then this isn’t equivalent to a single school “site.” Instead, you need to purchase a homeschool membership for each household.

We’re doing our best to map virtual schools to our various membership options. If you don’t think we’ve accurately captured your case, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to hear your details and try our best to work with you.