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Science curriculum for K—5th grades.

90 sec
  • Hands-on lead students in the doing of science and engineering.
  • NGSS-aligned and Common Core make the transition to the Next Generation Science Standards and support Common Core.
  • Less prep, more learning prep in minutes not hours. Captivate your students with short videos and discussion questions.

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Plant & Animal Secrets

Plant & Animal Needs

Kindergarten, 1st Grade

NGSS Standards covered: K-ESS3-3 , K-ESS2-2 , K-ESS3-1 , K-LS1-1
In this unit, students use observations to understand what animals and plants need to survive. Students explore how animals need things to eat and a safe place to live. They also investigate the needs of plants and how those might be different from the needs of animals. Less
  1. Lessons
  2. Activity Prep
  3. Assessments

For your reference, these are all the assessments included at the end of each Mystery from this unit:

Lesson 1: Animal Needs: Food

View Lesson 1 assessment

Read-Along Lesson 2: Animal Needs: Shelter

View Read-Along Lesson 2 assessment

Lesson 3: Animal Needs: Safety

View Lesson 3 assessment

Read-Along Lesson 4: Animals & Changing the Environment

View Read-Along Lesson 4 assessment

Lesson 5: Plant Needs: Water & Light

View Lesson 5 assessment

Read-Along Lesson 6: Animal Needs & Changing the Environment

View Read-Along Lesson 6 assessment