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Animals Through Time

Fossils, Animal Survival, & Heredity

2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade

NGSS Standards covered: 3-LS4-1 , 3-LS3-1 , 3-LS2-1 , 3-LS4-3 , 3-5-ETS1-2 , 3-LS4-4 , 3-LS4-2 , 3-LS3-2
In this unit, students develop an understanding of how animals and their environments change through time. Fossils provide a window into the animals and habitats of the past. Analyzing the traits of animals provides evidence for how those traits vary, how they are inherited, and how they have changed over time. Students also examine how the environment can affect inherited traits and determine which animals will survive in a particular environment. Less
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This summative assessment is a combination of short response and fill-in-the-blank questions intended to be administered at the end of this unit. It should take about 25 minutes for a student to complete.

View unit assessment

For your reference, these are all the assessments included at the end of each Mystery from this unit:

Lesson 1: Habitats, Fossils, & Environments Over Time

View Lesson 1 assessment

Lesson 2: Fossil Evidence & Classification

View Lesson 2 assessment

Lesson 3: Fossil Evidence, Trace Fossils, & Animal Behavior

View Lesson 3 assessment

Lesson 4: Trait Variation, Inheritance, & Artificial Selection

View Lesson 4 assessment

Lesson 5: Trait Variation, Natural Selection, & Survival

View Lesson 5 assessment

Lesson 6: Animal Groups & Survival

View Lesson 6 assessment

Lesson 7: Environmental Change & Engineering

View Lesson 7 assessment

Lesson 8: Traits & Environmental Variation

View Lesson 8 assessment