Open-and-go lessons that inspire kids to love science.

Science curriculum for K—5th grades.

90 sec
  • Hands-on lead students in the doing of science and engineering.
  • NGSS-aligned and Common Core make the transition to the Next Generation Science Standards and support Common Core.
  • Less prep, more learning prep in minutes not hours. Captivate your students with short videos and discussion questions.

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Lights & Sounds

Properties of Light & Sound

Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade

NGSS Standards covered: 1-PS4-2 , 1-PS4-3 , 1-PS4-1 , 1-PS4-4
This unit helps students develop the idea that by exploring the properties of light and sound, human beings create fun and useful things. Less
  1. Lessons
  2. Activity Prep
  3. Assessments

Mystery 1: Sounds, Vibrations

Exploration (10 min)
Activity: Be a Sound Effects Artist (20 min)
Extras (1.5 hrs)

Read-Along Mystery 2: Sounds, Vibrations

book Book: The Secret of the Sounds (25 min)
Optional Activity: Head Harp (20 min)
Extras (1 hr)

Mystery 3: Light, Materials, Transparent & Opaque

Exploration (10 min)
Activity: Paper Stained Glass (20 min)
Extras (1.8 hrs)

Read-Along Mystery 4: Illumination

book Book: Light Up the Dark! (25 min)
Optional Activity: Dark Box (20 min)
Extras (15 min)

Mystery 5: Engineering & Communication

Exploration (20 min)
Activity: Secret Signals (25 min)
Extras (2 hrs)

Read-Along Mystery 6: Lights, Sounds, & Communication

book Book: Gabrielle and the Tugboat (25 min)
Optional Activity: Navigating by Sights and Sounds (20 min)
Extras (1.8 hrs)